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Pet Care Services at your Door

Vet on the Go, based in Manalapan, provides many of the wellness services your dog or cat needs to stay healthy. Our modern mobile clinic has the necessary equipment to provide basic care for your furry companion. While we do not perform major surgery or emergency services we are very capable of providing almost anything that can be done at a traditional veterinary clinic.

Our Services Include:

Your pet's diagnosis will include a thorough examination, pet history, and if required, onboard lab tests, ultra-sound, X-rays, or EKG if deemed appropriate for their situation.

Protect your pets from rabies, distemper, parvovirus, and other dreaded diseases. Have them vaccinated today!

We Understand Pets and Owners

To learn more about our services, don't hesitate to call us at 732-739- 2111.
Dr. Dubowy and his assistant Maria will gladly listen to your questions or concerns regarding your pet, then provide clear answers and schedule an appointment to see your pet.

Our Affordable Fee System: Mobile Visit Fee is $55.00, plus $40.00 per pet*

*Additional fees may be assessed for certain tests performed with your consent.

We cater to Clients in the following areas:

Has your dog or cat rapidly lost weight? Do they have red or irritated skin?
Are they sluggish, or acting depressed?

Now is the time to contact Dr. Alan Dubowy at Vet on the Go based in Western Monmouth County, NJ. He will bring his modern mobile veterinary clinic right to your door and nurse your pet back to health. What ever ails your pet, Vet on the Go will be there to make it better! Please check out our service area below...

For questions about vaccinations and other procedures, call 732-739-2111 or email us today!